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    This video is about the most heartwarming 3 minutes you will invest in your day. Really. In the wee hours of some morning earlier this summer, Joelle Wagner joined Rebekah at a local Flower Market in San Francisco. In doing so, what is revealed is the unmistakable glow of a woman doing exactly as she is intended to do on this earth. This video is happy. We see community, passion and colors-lot of colors. We are left with a radiance matched only by that of Rebekah’s when she’s at this market, in her element. It’s the part of her work that’s vitally important, but not seen. It is the precursor to this. 

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    Why is there nothing contagious that’s good? Like something that lets you jump higher for a few days, or play piano.

    You mean life? Or memes (in the Dawkins sense of the word)?

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  4. The programmer, who needs clarity, who must talk all day to a machine that demands declarations, hunkers down into a low-grade annoyance. It is here that the stereotype of the programmer, sitting in a dim room, growling from behind Coke cans, has its origins. The disorder of the desk, the floor; the yellow Post-it notes everywhere; the whiteboards covered with scrawl: all this is the outward manifestation of the messiness of human thought. The messiness cannot go into the program; it piles up around the programmer.

    Highlighted by Martin McClellan in Close to the Machine: Technophilia and Its Discontents by Ullman, Ellen (via hellbox)

    This may be why the best programmers are some of the most anxiety-ridden people you’ll meet.

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  5. Thoughts on Jack Dorsey, by Steve Jobs' Spirit



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